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CONTROL leads to Compliance

How compliance management works in Advaitha

Companies cannot afford to ignore compliance with regulations.
Since Advaitha is well acquainted with Indian laws and regulations, we ensure that our clients fully comply with all statutory requirements at all times.
Advaitha assists clients with the maintenance of stipulated records and filing of returns under various laws.


Filing taxes and dealing with tax authorities can be complex and frustrating, especially when dealing with taxes overseas.

The need to understand local rules and procedures, and the language, can make things difficult even for organisations with in-house specialists.

And when mistakes can lead to legal repercussions and costly penalties, you need specialist support.

Our specialist Taxation team is equipped and empowered to manage the essentials and reduce your exposure to that risk with our expertise.

We offer the preparation and filing of direct and indirect tax returns, including the calculation of tax liabilities

Secretarial compliance

We can help you by managing – 

  • Board meetings and circulating briefing documents
  • Preparing and managing data rooms for due diligence purposes
  • Ensuring all statutory returns and fees are submitted
  • Drafting corporate documents and agreements
  • Arranging for staff to go on secondment to client teams for short-term secretarial projects; and corresponding with local authorities.
A startup running a private limited company must follow compliance numbers laid down by various statutes and other regulatory bodies.
These include but are not limited to the periodic filing of tax and other returns, holding the board and other meetings, maintaining statutory books and accounts.