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The benefits of Advaitha payroll services

Advaitha’s Payroll and Benefits Administration Services ensure complete employee satisfaction. We stand apart from the other payroll companies in Bangalore as we offer end-to-end services.

We help clients with

A simple and effective online system that provides employer everything and confidently track every aspect of the employees.

It manages the complete information of the employee from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company.

Detailed dashboard and graphical reports will have all employee-related information required by Management.

We are ensuring adequate insurance coverage for all employees.

Online payroll software will reduce the workload of HR and employees as well.

In addition to that, it facilitates faster access to HR-related information.

How Advaitha payroll services work

Our payroll processing services are designed to help companies reduce their costs, improve employees’ service levels, and manage risk.

Our Experts help you process salaries and wages by considering all applicable statutory Labour Laws (Central & State Govts).

Our payroll experts operate as a single point of contact for all your payroll needs across your whole multinational operation, producing payslips, processing year-end reports, and handling any general payroll queries.

You can access your gross-to-net calculations for salary and benefits-related payments around the clock.